Innovating sustainability,
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Who are we?

ORGREZ Group, a.s, is a privately owned company that brings together companies across all major fields of energy and environmental sectors with its head office located in Brno, Czech Republic.

The company focuses on the ownership of strategic interests in key companies in Central and Eastern Europe and coordinates energy projects and develops new technologies.

The ORGREZ trademark has represented professionalism, experience, quality, and innovation for more than 65 years.
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Our projects

Complex reduction of heat and electricity consumption of ORGREZ HQ building

The design and implementation of the complex reconstruction of the ORGREZ HQ building resulted in a significant reduction of energy consumption and mitigation of the company's environmental impact...

Digitalisation of administrative processes

Through the implementation of HELIOS Workflow, the company ORGREZ was able to reduce its environmental impact and comply with ESG standards by digitizing administrative processes...

ORGREZ virtual office

The implementation of a home-office policy along with the utilization of virtual office tools has resulted in a significant reduction in employee commuting to the workplace...